Tom's Adventure


In 2019 Blayze Buseth launched the Kickstarter Campaign named "Tom's Adventure". Powered by 52 backers, Blayze was given the chance to bring his dream to life. This Kickstarter allowed Blayze to return to the porcelain capital of China to bring to life a story of a cartoon character  named Tom, and the artifacts of his adventure. Backers were able to follow Blayze's three-month residency unfold via a series of illustrations called "Tom's Adventure."



The digital illustrations of Tom depict universal stages of adventure in a playful way. In these  images Blayze combines his love for porcelain art, ancient vessel forms called artifacts, and storytelling. 



In Tom’s Adventure, we follow Tom, a simple yet expressive ball of joy, through his journey in a foreign land. Unconcerned with any world view Tom’s eagerness to ride the cloud carries Tom into many unknown places. His journey leads him to being mentored while discovering  wondrous places, and welcoming the unknown.



Who is Tom: 

Tom is a carefree, resilient blue balloon. His nature is to spread joy and whimsy. His unbiased nature allows him to connect with other balloon guys and gals as if they were intertwined  spirits.



Through Tom, Blayze hopes to inspire individuals to embark on a journey of self discovery, and remind them of the way they saw the world when they were young. Follow along and discover the depth and the interconnectedness of Tom's continued adventures.

"This activity is funded in part by a grant from the Lake Region Arts Council with McKnight Foundation funding.”