Aging Cycle Vase

Lifecycle Motif
This vase represents four stages of life. The four stages are birth, youth, adult, and death. These different stages represent different abilities mentally and physically. Birth represents potential. Youth represents vitality, energy, and rapid change. Adult represents experience, wisdom, and strength. Death represents purpose. Death is the heavy curtain that falls on the final act. Without death our lives and the projects within the would never have a deadline. Death is a meditation that promotes both life and death.

*Handmade Arwork
*Gold Luster
*Reduction Fired
*Signed, Dated, and Numbered
*3"L x 3"W x 10"H

Shipping & delivery
*Built to order within 2-5 weeks
*Free standard ground shipping included
*Ground time in transit varies by destination; usually 2-5 business days
*Rush production and shipping can be arranged; contact with need-by date