• Blayze Buseth

Work in Progress

My first week was a rough start. My allergies and asthma were so bad I had emergency prescriptions faxed from home. My rescue Inhalers became ineffective after using them so many times after cat and allergen exposure so I was breathing on a nebulizer and later taking my prescriptions for prednisone, and a Z-pack. The feeling was a stiff reminder of how bad I struggled with my asthma when I was as a kid.

None the less, I began working in the studio and formulating my plan for what I would be making while in New Harmony.

Back in Fergus Falls I worked with porcelain for its ability to take on precise details so I wanted to continue. I found three porcelain bodies that I would test and one stoneware clay. With these clays, I would begin making test tiles and small vessels. I also wanted to come up with new glazes so I began researching recipes and testing the new glazes on the test pots. On another note, each clay body reacts with the glazes differently so this is important when I am choosing the clay. Each clay also has its own shrinkage rate, and sculpt-ability.

New Harmony Clay Project

Along with testing glazes I began making forms that would qualify for my new series of work. These forms are a continuation of where I left off and what I consider a more advanced state of the art. Along with finer porcelain bodies to take on these elevated forms, the relief drapery carvings and handle structures are becoming more refined.

One of my initial projects was to carve different drapery styles onto cup forms and try new handle styles. I tested folding robes and ribbon-like draping.

Cup forms allow the concept to be rendered much more timely then a large vessel but look forward to seeing these details scaled up in future updates!

After a week and a half of troubling health I recovered with a renewed sense of life, ha! That experience is a story in itself.

Thank you for reading more of my story. If you find something you would like to learn more about please private message or leave a comment.

More next time.