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NH Clay Project Conclusion

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Now that my Residency at the NH Clay Project is complete I know that my connection to New Harmony will last a lifetime.

This experience was much more then I could have imagined.

A brief summary of my final month in New Harmony.

I participated in an art exhibition - "Residence 3". This was a group show featuring the six artists who were awarded the residency program this year.

Blayze Buseth, Dauna Causeland, Sydney Ewerth, Ann and Lenny Dowhie, Misty Gamble, Marina Kuchinski, Mitzi Davis.

I spoke at the Working Men's Institute. This is the oldest public library in Indiana. My talk was titled "Creating in Community." Here I talked about my personal interactions with the community. I discussed my creative process including clays types, techniques, and how I scheduled my time to create in the ceramic studio. I also talked about how my artwork was elevated, finding more substance thanks to my discoveries and experiences in the community.

My Residency wrapped up shortly after my presentation to the community. I packed my work and stuffed my 1991 Honda Civic to the brim. I felt I had just completed a successful endeavor but the future now seemed uncertain. I had no studio in my hometown to go back to.

There were many things that happened between the day I finished the residency and now. It is difficult for me to tell the story and the fault is my own for not breaking these moments up and sharing them.

However, I would like to share one particular moment.

When the residency completed I stayed with Sue Huelsman. A very kind lady that I met in New Harmony. She offered me her spare room while I decided what to do next. I stayed with her for almost 3 weeks and I can't thank her enough for this time!

I knew that I might not touch clay again for several months so I purposely left myself an unfinished vase that I could take my time to sculpt. Between carving sessions, I visited The New Harmony Artist Guild. Here I shared the progress of my carving with Clem Penrose and other musicians. As I approached the completed stage of the carving my friends at the guild shared their enthusiasm for the new vase. Clem voiced his excitement by calling the inception of the work a Kairos Moment. Which he said was a special phrase the late Jane Blaffer-Owen would have used. A Kairos Moment is when circumstances and opportunity align to form a critical moment when something spectacular is made possible. After that, I spent a long time considering the circumstances that made this vase possible. This vase, with a variation of Shakti, is one of my most unique pieces.

Other completed work can be viewed on my New Harmony Gallery Page.

Stay tuned, I will always make a point to continue to create new things and better my storytelling. I think I have figured out a few exciting plans.

One of my last days with the Artist Guild

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