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Halfway Point

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Swan Cameo

To me, New Harmony is seen more and more as a sanctuary town. Where the energy for music, painting, sculpture, art in any media, is very apparent. For the solitude that is easily found in this community so is a wide variety of life, if you take some time to look around.

Lately, I have been sharing stories on Facebook or Instagram short clips of live music. This music is coming from the community house. I call it the Musician's Guild. This was created by Jane Blaffer Owen. She collaborated with Clement Penrose VII a long time musician from New Orleans, and local residents like Kent Schuette created a place for musicians to come together. They have live music almost every night where young and old practice planned music, and other times completely improvisational.

On December 1st I joined the town in celebrating "Christmas In New Harmony". There was a tree lighting with christmas hymns, a parade, artisan craft shows, a visit from santa, food venders and many activities. I was given a space to show and sell my work from Gary Holstein the director at the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art. The night ended with a musical performance at the Thrall's Opera House and an after party at the local restaurant Sally's.

These are just a few of the many events that I have been invited to be a part of. In the beginning I wasn't sure how this residency would unfold, If I would be "a solitary artist" or integrate and be active in the community. I am happy to say its a best of both worlds, I have met many incredible people and I have been diligent with my art.

If you have been following me you have seen that between the historic GateHouse that I reside, and the ceramic studio, is the iconic Roofless Church. It was constructed by Philip Johnson and finished in 1960. The canopy shrine that houses a sculpture called "The Descent of the Holy Spirit" by Jacob Lipchitz is just a small part of the otherwise open courtyard. The Roofless Church was funded by Jane Blaffer Owen. The Church symbolizes acceptance of a world of worshippers that only one roof, the sky, could house the divine in humanity. For these reasons of diversity and freedom of belief I believe it continues the New Harmony Legacy. For this reason I create one of my eternal-flame cups with the scenery of the Roofless Church to cherish my experience. This cup will be finished soon in a couple glaze variations.

There are many projects that I am working on and I admit I have not been sharing these trials. Reason being the forms are challenging to construct and many factors could cause their end. Besides, the beginning stages of the creating process is much less visually appealing. I have continued to work on my vessel forms with draping and ornamental cloth styles and made significant moves forward with cameo designs Ill share some below.

Here are just a few pieces of the carved draping styles. Although I have created quite a few of these, they are waiting until I find a glaze I feel matches the style.

The drapery is based on the garments of ascetics. The style is representative of a rolling wave. and symbolic of the non-material pursuit.

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About 7 months ago I began working on a cameo to complement my ceramics art. Ryan Thorsen an Industrial designer for Honeywell, created the bezel for the carvings. These are some 3d renders showing the new look.

You can find his Instagram account here.

Ill be finishing up more work soon, Ill be sure to take more photos and share those here.

Thanks for checking in.