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Coming to New Harmony, IN.

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

First blog post:

Yes this is new to me however, I feel I have a lot to talk about and will continue to do adventurous things. I may as well begin sooner than later!

Getting Here:

Before my artist residency in New Harmony I received a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant and micro crowdfunded loan called a Kiva Loan. This afforded me my own studio in my home town of Fergus Falls. For almost two years I made commissioned artwork and created artwork for fine art festivals. Circumstances with my studios location led to having to close my studio. While I wrapped up my work I looked for opportunities elsewhere to continue my making.

That's when I heard from a former professor about the New Harmony Artist Residency in Indiana. It had all of the qualities I could ask for in a studio including a large work space with multiple pottery wheels, plenty of shelving space, four kilns, and a glaze chemical lab.

Besides a great facility the experience sounded up my ally. New Harmony is a small historic town of 700 with many architectural and historical gems. As I saw it, the experience could be very introverted with plenty of space/time for self inquiry and catch up reading as I create or I could become involved with the events in town, meet people, and learn the history while creating. Either way it wasn't going to be the gungho- climb for prestige and media frenzy that seem to be involved in a big cities hustle and bustel. "I am unaware if this is ever the case so excuse my ignorance!"

After arriving in New Harmony on September 30th I was invited to a gathering at Lenny and Anne Dowhie's home where I met Mitzi Davis the coordinator of the clay center and was shown Lenny's home studio. Here I stayed my first night. In the morning I was shown around Evansville a neighboring town where Anne gave me a very nice tour of places that interested me like museums and where to find the basics. She also showed me the University of Southern Indiana (USI) where Lenny taught for almost 40 years. After the tour I headed to New Harmony with Mitzi.

In New Harmony I was brought through the very historic downtown and to the Gate House where I would be staying. This residence is the oldest Harmonist home built in 1814. Here I would stay for the next four month with one other Artist: Misty Gamble. Misty is a very technically skilled artist working in the style of hand building and slip casting. Her work has a focus on challenging convention morality through feminism.

Misty Gamble

Although I have haven't gotten into my work or my experiences over the past month I will get into that in upcoming threads. If you feel like keeping up with my story subscribe to my email and I will notify you on my updates.

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