• Blayze Buseth

Two Sides of the Same Pot.

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The photo is thanks to Desiree Logan. This is how she imagines me in the studio. It is not quite this intense, but I enjoy it.

To this point I feel that my work lacks a "context" or "framework" in order to understand it more clearly. I am assuming that If I have trouble understanding it, you would too. This article is going to be my introduction to, how to view, what I produce.

I have 2 categories, as I see it presently. The "Art" that is directly related to my unfolding inner life, and the "Artwork" that directly benefits the world around me. One is like training, while the other is using the skills learned to create "Artwork" for someone, or something.

The "Artwork", unfolds as commissioned items or sculptures that are marketable for their content. A great example would be this cup.

After spending time with the community and meeting many great people from New Harmony, we discussed what would be a favored artistic depiction. I decided to use the iconic Roofless Church for a small collection of Cups/Pencil Holders.

Another example is usable/functional pottery. Although often figured out through the practice of the "Art", it becomes "Artwork" Once it is produced in volume, and as to say, for the world. A product.

With the brief description of the "Artwork", the "Art" has always been more difficult to discuss. As the "Art" is produced from a more intuitive sensitivity, the inspiration is an accumulation of what I have been exposed to and specific interest at hand.

One of my difficulties is acknowledging my inspiration. To this point, I have felt that the named and unnamed is different than the unnamable. Once the item is named, it is fragmented into a manageable idea and simultaneously put into a category limiting its meaning.

Unfired Pottery

But creating unnamable things lacks a framework to view from and accordingly no written language to express itself. This creates a dilemma for someone who wants to understand the "Art". To the observer this work falls into the categories named or unnamed. This means, What can you tell me about it. Help me know this object, what is it not, and what have I omitted from the observer.

How was it unknowable? Here is a very nice quote I found to express the point.

“Behind naming, beneath words, is something else. An existence named unnamed and unnameable. We give the grass a name, and earth a name. We say grass and earth are separate.

"We know this because we can pull the grass free of the earth and see its separate roots — but when the grass is free, it dies.

"We say the inarticulate have no souls. We say the cow's eye has no existence outside ourselves, that the red wing of the blackbird has no thought, the roe of the salmon no feeling, because we cannot name these.

"Yet for our own lives, we grieve all that cannot be spoken, that there is no name for, repeating for ourselves the names of things which surround what cannot be named."

-Susan Griffin from Woman and Nature

The undifferentiated view in which I create is as often as I can retain, without view. But, of course after creating the object the world needs answers, so it's given an ID. Sometimes I express stories from my life that lead to the designs. Other times I express the work through an artificial description of the setting and feeling I have for the "Art". If you have taken time to look at the work above I presume your idea of it is different then the narrative I would tell you. This imagining becomes less ambiguous, defined and categorized when I give it context.

So it's named.

My background life interests are manyfold but video game culture was substantial in my life. Skilling, dexterity, viewing worlds, and surrounded by sacred objects - artifacts, and relics was the daily service. It was a wonder-filled time of the like that I try to maintain in my "Art".

My ideal setting would be a minimalist environment with blacks, grays, whites, modern sound, a sort of lounge/relaxing music with crisp blue lighting and high contrasted shadows. This is forging an environment.

I create the "Art" from an unnamable source, In naming it there is a wondrous quality that is lost, but a language is being found.

I don't want to go on to long and besides I am not a fast blogger so more later. Thank you for reading!