New Harmony Residency 2018 October 1st - February 1st



The NHClayProject provides an artist the freedom to develop their work without outside pressures of the world. Artists reside in a historic 1830’s 4-bedroom Harmonist home called the Gate House. To the west, The Roofless Church a 20th century modernist sanctuary, and just beyond that, no further than a block lies the NHClay Studio.


In the surrounding area, I found myself spending time at the Community House a special place for musically talented individuals who share live music with the community several days a week. I spent time at parks dedicated to people that made a difference in the community and places of beauty like the Whabash River, and the artificial Swan Lake.


My time as an artist at the NHClay Project was dedicated to making continuous Improvements on my existing body of work. For this I experimented with four clay bodies, new glazes, and making modifications to forms I have used in the past. These forms tested new methods of ornamentation including various handle styles and carved draping studying ways various cultures use folds in their stylized art.

Vases with Draping
Series of large porcelain vases using rolling and rippling wave fold style
White and Pink
A variety of vase styles finished in clear and pink glaze
White and Blue
A variety of porcelain vessels finished in clear and blue glaze
Roofless Church Cup
A collection of New Harmony cups with the Iconic shrine in the Roofless Church sanctuary
Swan Vase
A series of white and black swans finished in clear, black, and pink 
Custom Cameo
Personalized cameo in silver bezel
More of the collection